Our Recruitment Procedure - Alghori International Travels

On obtaining the recruitment demand from our principal client, we study the requirements details i.e job description, salary scales, and other benefits as provided under the labour law of the respective country and according to the Emigrations rules set by the Govt of India (Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs), if any changes require we advise
We request the Employee co to execute the Demand letter, Power of Attorney, and Employment agreement under our organization title and license no to obtain necessary legal permission from the statutory authorities for advertisement in newspapers and interview permissions
we check for availability of suitable candidates in our databank, associates , job portals, and also release advertisement in leading newspapers
we premiliarly interview the walk in candidates by our technical staff and arrange trade test from reputed and certificated trade testing institute
In preminilarly interview we also check the candidate aptitude, attitude authentication of documents and certificates produce by the candidate
Final screening and shortlisting of candidates we accumulate enough no of potential candidates qualifying the requirement by qualification, experience, employee specifications and etc
We send resume to the employer for final screening and shortlisting of candidates, if possible we also arrange a pre telephonic interviews to boost the mutual confidence between employer and employee
On obtaining the list of final shortlisted candidates, we finalize the interview dates and obtain necessary legal permission from emigration authorities
We arrange personal interview at convenient location either in our office or business center or technical institute as preferred by the employer at convenient location
Post interview, we obtain the appointment letters, and duly signed by the selected candidates
Arrange Medical examination from GCC authorized panel doctors, and intimate the employer no of successful passing candidates
Prepare the necessary documentation for visa process for eg. Attestation of certificate from respective missions in India
Obtaining the employment visa endorsement/visa coy, we inform the candidate tentative date of travelling
Apply for emigration clearance
Arranging air tickets booking mostly either in group or individual as per the requirement of the employer
Departure orientation to candidates, about the nature of job, attitude with seniors, company policy and etc
Intimate the employer the arrival date to arrange Original visa deposit, OK to board message, vehicle pick up on arrival
Handover all the documents to candidate
Confirm receipt of candidate arrival

Service Portfolio

alghori international travel is an organised recruitment service provider offering job consultancy services.

We are recognised for our effective overseas placement consultancy services. Our staff has sound knowledge of all aspects of overseas placement and they work hard to provide our clients with the assistance for the most suitable overseas jobs.